Listen to the Miguel's story. Audio Producer: Natasha Del Toro

Miguel Miranda (with sons David and Juan), a 37-year-old migrant farm worker who also works part-time in a Mexican restaurant as a cook is no stranger to hard work. He often works 7 days a week earning minimum wage to help support his wife and two small children. However, he has stopped working temporarily because his wife is in the hospital battling cancer. “I have to be the mother and the father right now.” Miranda rents a small room from his father-in-law, but he says the relationship is tense and he doesn’t have any other family members that he can rely on for emotional support. His children have become withdrawn at school and Miranda feels pressure to return to work.

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“In 1978, it might have been economically feasible and perfectly legal for an executive to award himself a multimillion-dollar bonus while shedding 40 percent of his work force and requiring the survivors to take annual furloughs without pay. But no executive would have wanted the shame and outrage that would have followed any more than an executive today would want to be quoted using a racial slur or photographed with a paid escort.”

- The Broken Contract: Inequality and American Decline by George Packe