Jenice Grinstead, age 58, picks fruit from the citrus trees in her backyard to give to her neighbors. She says her faith and helping others is the way she gets by in tough times. A single mom, she was laid off from her accounting job where she worked for more than a decade and earned $28 an hour. She is now in danger of losing her house and has taken in a boarder to make ends meet. She fears the direction in which the country is headed. “The true American dream is, was religious freedom. We came here to be able to come together to be able to worship God, to be able to raise our families, to be the best that we can be at what we were doing. And they were hard working; that’s the backbone of this country…we’ve lost the American dream and it’s been replaced with plastic, with a false sense of security and a credit card.”

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“In 1978, it might have been economically feasible and perfectly legal for an executive to award himself a multimillion-dollar bonus while shedding 40 percent of his work force and requiring the survivors to take annual furloughs without pay. But no executive would have wanted the shame and outrage that would have followed any more than an executive today would want to be quoted using a racial slur or photographed with a paid escort.”

- The Broken Contract: Inequality and American Decline by George Packe